Who can enroll?

For our TEFL courses, you merely need to be a native or near-native speaker of the English language.
TEFL Phuket Course Dates
Mar 09 to Apr 03
Apr 06 to May 01
May 04 to May 29
Jun 01 to Jun 26
Jun 29 to Jul 24
Jul 27 to Aug 21
Aug 24 to Sep 18
Sep 21 to Oct 16
Oct 19 to Nov 13
Nov 16 to Dec 11

TEFL Phuket Pricing
Our TEFL course is priced at US$1200.

Our on-site, with aircon US$200
Local area bungalow/small house US$350 – $500
Beachside hotel room US$750

Our total package of TEFL Course + Housing comes to US$ 1400. This is the least expensive TEFL course in Phuket and the best deal in all of Thailand. We still have openings in our courses starting this Fall. Go online to www.phuket-anna.com visit our enroll page, submit your details, and use paypal to send your $400 deposit to info@phuket-anna.com. We can process credit cards, if you prefer to pay that way. Just drop us a line with your phone number.

Thanks for your interest in teaching English and see you in Thailand soon!
To enroll, follow the instructions on: TEFL Phuket.