Fruit and Fun in TEFL Class

In one of our recent Thai Language and Culture classes, which are a part of our TEFL teacher training course, our students were introduced to the amazing variety of tropical fruits found in Thailand. The class covered not only the fruit names and how to select the best fruit but also how to haggle with fruit sellers. The class also practised their Thai language skills through some role-playing about fruit shopping. Then, the best part each fruit was “opened” peeled, cut, seeded and everyone enjoyed a fresh and delicious second breakfast.

The students found that using actual mangoes, pineapples, lychees, watermelons, coconuts, Thai Kiwis, papayas, rambutans and pomelo’s made for a delicious way to experience the Thai language in action. Plus it was fun to demystify the bounty of food so readily available every day and to learn to shop, prep and enjoy with confidence.

This is a key principle of teaching English in Thailand to Thai people or anywhere. Rather than having a more sterile approach to teaching English, we encourage our trainees to use realia – actual items – to assist the student in learning the language. As a TEFL student, you will experience this: that learning by doing is the best way. You’ll learns how to create engaging and fun situations for your students to practice their skills and they will gain confidence in actually using English in real situations.Plus, this method is fun: mistakes are made and easily corrected in a gentle and safe environment for the student with lots of laughter. Again, here is a couple of culturally-oriented principles of our course and imparting effective teaching skills to you. The Asian concept of “face saving” (avoiding the generation of embarrassment in others) is easy to manage in a more relaxed, playful situation. For Thai people, Sanook (fun) is a cornerstone of life. If it is not fun, we find that the Thai people lose interest quickly and having fun in your English classes will be a central part of your English teaching career in Thailand.

You’ll discover that in teaching English in Thailand, you’ll need the skills of a game show host just as much (maybe more) as those of a seasoned grammarian.

So, if you are ready to switch into a more fun way of making your living in a beautiful country surrounded by gentle and kind people, drop us a line or visit our Enroll page to get started.

We have some fruit with your name on it!