Phukets Charms

Since you are investigating the idea of earning a TEFL certificate, perhaps it would help to have a bit of information about the program location. Phuket is an incredible place to begin your adventure teaching English in Asia or teaching English in Thailand.

Thailand’s premiere tourist spot is the southwestern island of Phuket. Connected to the mainland by both Phuket International Airport and the Sarasin bridge, Phuket is easy to reach and attracts some 5 million visitors every year. The island is Thailands premiere setting for some of the world’s best resorts and is an amazing blend of wildlife & rainforest ringed by white sand beaches. Its size allows visitors to escape from the crowds and there are numerous cozy, boutique beaches with clear water and glorious sunsets.

Phuket is amazingly diverse, with both stone-lined and sandy beaches, sheer cliffs, rain forests, waterfalls and Wats (Temples). Phuket offers something for all, with backpackers hostels as well as ultra-modern luxury hotels. There is much to do on the island, no matter your budget.

Certainly, Phuket’s stunning terrain and palm-fringed sandy beaches are its most-seen features. Each of Phuket’s several beaches has a unique atmosphere & feel, and each is separated from neighboring beaches by scenic headlands. From high-energy beaches with lots to see and do, to hidden bays of fine white sand, there is surely a beach to suit the wants and needs of each visitor to the island.

Phuket also has a rich heritage of culture resulting from its ongoing role as a trading crossroads for Southeast Asia. A unique mix of people coming not only from Southern Thailand, but also Thailands northern provinces, neighboring countries, and travelers from overseas who have remained in Phuket over the years.

Walking through a bustling fresh market, usually held in the evenings, is a feast for the senses. They are laden with today’s seafood catch, delicious fruits and vegetables and all manner of tasty hand-made treats which are available for sampling. Visiting some of Phuket’s classy boutiques or antique stores situated in restored Chinese shops is a trip through time. Mornings on the beach, afternoons on an elephant jungle safari, evenings being pampered at a world-class spa and nights tasting the frenzy of Bangla road in Patong – all available, as Phuket’s charms are endless. Whether you are a fan of doing everything or almost nothing – Phuket is ready and waiting.