Taking the Road Less Travelled By Has More Jobs Than Ever!

Thailand is always in need of English teachers; month after month our students finish up their TEFL course with job opportunities already in the pipeline. We encourage students to get on the job hunt as soon as the course begins and with all the job openings around at the moment, it’s definitely not unusual for many of our students to have secured a teaching position before they have graduated from the course. They can step out of the training classroom one-day and head straight for the staff room the next. Taking the TEFL route has never been easier. With a considerable number of job opportunities around at the moment, the number of requests we get from employers asking us to supply them with teachers has led us to create a new jobs board. Students who now enroll in the course have access to all of our job postings through our website and you’ll find jobs throughout both Thailand and Asia with new openings being added all the time. It’s just another indication that this particular job market has no intention of slowing down- Asia’s ever increasing requirement to speak English simply won’t let it. It’s true that teaching English as a foreign language is very rewarding; you’re actually increasing the Thai students’ opportunity to find work, as many of the better-paid jobs In Thailand depends on the person’s ability to converse with customers in English. Any parent in Asia knows that the higher their child’s level of English upon leaving school, the greater their chance of success at finding a well-paid job. This is reason that a teaching job in Asia is so rewarding and why all teachers in Thailand get the utmost respect from their students… and there are a lot of students. There is one question that we hear time and time again from people – ‘will I find work once I’ve acquired my TEFL certificate?’ This is a fair concern and nearly all of our TEFL students want to fund their stay in this beautiful country by teaching almost immediately after they’ve graduated. And teach they do, in schools, hotels, restaurants, for businesses, and with private tuition. Once you start that first teaching job you’ll find that lots of parents are offering you work teaching their children after school hours. That’s the thing with the road less traveled by… there’s a lack of people, therefore plenty of jobs.

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