Teaching English in Asia

Tech English In AsiaBeware of the idea that a native’s knowledge of the English language makes you a good teacher. While certainly beneficial, native fluency is not a guarantee of employment everywhere abroad. The most important qualification is a TEFL certificate from a recognized and respected TEFL school.

With this qualification, in many Asian countries, your native English skills may be put to use profitably. In Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China a large number of the population is ready for instruction from speakers of English. A college degree in any subject is a helpful prerequisite, though there are many jobs for which a degree of enthusiasm is enough.

Work as employees of privately-run language schools or centres is available for foreign teachers. There is also work to be found in government and other private schools. Businesses, resorts, hotels and commercial properties also show great demand for English training. Working as a self-employed private tutor is more financially rewarding than teaching at an institute but would require some experience in the field being taught and a location to hold classes.

Teachers must be prepared to face a range of changing situations and a flexible attitude is a key to success in teaching in Asia. Overcoming challenges are part of the adventure of living overseas and the rewards of experiencing new cultures, customs, languages, and food are well worth any effort required.

A big challenge can be persuading shy or timid students to talk in class. In education, teachers who can generate fun and encourage students to make use of the English they already know, no matter how limited, get better results and have more fun watching their students learn.

In TEFL Phuket’s teacher training course, you are provided the opportunity to learn language awareness, teaching methodology, Thai language and Asian Culture, presentation skills and the basics of marketing your skills as a teacher. Plus, you’ll do practice teaching with real students. In short, our program prepares you for every aspect of Teaching English in Asia. You’ll be prepped and ready to tackle a teaching job wherever you would like to travel.

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