Teaching English & TEFL

Sure, you are a native speaker of English or have near-native fluency, but can you actually teach English?
It depends on what are you bringing to the table. Have you ever done any teaching? How about any training outside of a strict educational organization? How about any presenting to small groups? Have you ever worked in a service-intensive position? Any way in which you have been employed as a sharer of information can indicate that you would make a great teacher.

The core of teaching is sharing information. The Thai people have studied English in their school system. The catch is that they usually have studied without the benefit of having a native speaker to model the language. The primary function of teachers teaching English in Thailand is to be a pronunciation coach and a model for correct usage.

So the job boils down to a few requirements knowledge of English, a people-oriented personality streak and the ability to relax and have fun.

In the TEFL teacher training course, you have the chance to refresh your knowledge of the ins and outs of English this is the what to teach part and we call it language awareness. You also learn effective and valuable tips, techniques, tools, and activities for use in the classroom this is the how to teach and we call it methodology. You will also have practice opportunities with actual Thai students and this is where you put the two together and gain confidence in your ability to teach effectively. Additionally, you will have a chance to learn some Thai Language and be introduced into some of the nuts and bolts of Thai culture.

The relax and have fun part comes from being immersed in the lovely culture that Thailand offers. The people are incredibly friendly and warm and they are masters at relaxing. This attitude towards life will most certainly rub-off on you as you spend time here.

So, the next bit is up to you. We assist you with your initial visa, in finding great housing, with airport pick-up and even a few extras to help you settle in like a complimentary massage during the month of your course. All you have to do it to contact us to get started.

To do so, or for more information, please visit TEFL Phuket.