TEFL certificate

So you want to become an English Teacher in Asia

Good call, as the demand for English Teaching in Asia, has never been higher. China is the latest hot spot for great jobs and travel adventure. Japan continues to have strong demand and Korea needs fluent English teachers.

You must have a TEFL certificate to teach. This is at a minimum. Every future employer is going to ask you about your qualification to teach, and a TEFL certificate is the best way differentiate yourself from the pack as a teaching professional and well-trained to do so.

Our training program TEFL Phuket is approved by the Thai Ministry of Education (MoE). Thus, your certificate will be registered with the Ministry. Everywhere you go in Thailand or Asia, you’ll be received as well-prepared to teach English in a professional manner. This is no small thing for you, as there are many, more haphazard programs offered online and elsewhere and this kind of program certificate is not well liked by employees, nor would it be approved by the MoE.

Your chances of employment in Asia are excellent. Example: Although Phuket is an island paradise frequented by expats, there is still a tremendous under-supply of English teachers there. An article recently in the Phuket Gazette by Ministry officials detailed a 400 teacher shortage in Phuket alone – the lion’s share of them in English. The people in Phuket need to study English – it is crucial for their success at offering hospitality. The other areas of Thailand have an even larger shortage. So having job offers, once you are qualified, is certainly guaranteed.

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