Thailand Marvels

Why is Thailand Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destination?

First, visitors are wowed by the “Land of 1000 Smiles.” The Thai culture is soaked in a main pen rai attitude – what’s that? Like the Australian “No Worries,” the Thai have a laid-back sensibility that allows them to let go of little problems and to face greater challenges with ease.

Then there is the history, terrain, and culture. Thailand is sprinkled with architectural wonders, amazing shopping malls, sun-drenched beaches and secluded islands, delectable food and drink, quaint hill villages and the magnificence of ancient ruins.

She offers white, sandy beaches and gentle, clear seas of the island-speckled south and gorgeous, mountain scenery and timeless way of life found among hill tribes in the north. Given this contrast with the energy and activity of the capital, Bangkok, with its renowned nightlife and modernity, a traveler is certain to discover a place offering what they seek.

Catering to the outdoorsy and active types, a cornucopia of activities including premier scuba diving among pristine coral reefs, trekking in the north hills, climbing among natural limestone sculpture, or quiet paddling on rivers and seas.

Standing alongside the superb natural beauty is the beauty of an ancient Buddhist culture with its WATS (temples), palaces and archaeological treasures. The powerful juxtaposition of this ancient culture with a fully modern society makes Thailand a must-see destination for world travellers. Thailand is “the land of the free” true in that Thailand has never been conquered or colonised by other countries in its 800-year history.

To see a native Thai in traditional dress puttering along on a motorbike, likely on the way to the temple is a perfect example of the adaptability of Thailand’s people. They have a gift for taking the best of foreign culture and advances while maintaining a sense of their own unique identities. Their arts are admired by people across the world. The cuisine is also a world favorite with its blend of freshness and spices.

There seems to be an almost total lack of ill-will or expression of bad feelings and this singular feature of the Thai people is their unique qualification as hospitality ambassadors to the world. This is perhaps due to their long tradition of belief in Buddhism and its tenets of peacefulness, forgiveness, and compassion.

As a cultural mecca and an antidote for a harried western lifestyle, Thailand’s culture, people, and places stand without peer for their sheer ability to delight. What better place could you find to enjoy yourself as you train to be an English teacher in Asia through a certified TEFL program?

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